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CG Locks

CG Locks

Now available through PDM Racing, we carry the ingenious CG Lock seat belt locks.

Simple fact: Want to retain more control of your car while cornering? You need to keep the driver planted firmer. While expensive 4 and 5 point race belt will work, often car interiors and belt mounting points will prohibit most people from installing expensive race belts. Also race belts are awkward and cumbersome to use on a daily basis.

Now you can keep your butt planted with this very simple, but effective lap belt tensioner from CG Lock.

The CG-Lock gives about 80% of the holding power of a full race harness. Why do people use a harness? Well for sanctioned racing, they are necessary. However you can now achieve harness-like holding power, without the expense, weight, and mounting hassles of one.

CG Locks
CG Locks

You don't need to "hang on" when driving can keep your feet light on the pedals and your hands light on the wheel for better driving control, faster reactions, and less fatigue.

You are "one with the vehicle" can sense the vehicle movement better, react sooner, and "feel" your way through the tricky spots more easily.

Unfortunately, most of us do our autocrossing in our daily drivers with standard three-point automotive seat belts, not racing harnesses. Once the CG-Lock is installed, you pull up on the shoulder harness of your seatblet, and the lap belt portion gets "racing harness tight" and stays as tight as you want until you release it!

Simple, but what a difference it makes; your hips are the body’s center of gravity. Tightly held, hips provide you better control, and faster lap times period!! When you are counting thousands of seconds in an auto-x, every little bit helps.
Installs in most vehicles in under 30 seconds!! This little lock is so effective it can be used on any kind of street application.

CG Locks can be added to most vehicles, and benefits:

• Street Driving
• Auto-x
• Drag racing
• Drifing
• Track days

** CG-LOCK IS NOT A SAFETY DEVICE. Do not use the CG-Lock without first reading and understanding the safety information provided with the product. Do not use the CG-Lock if you do not understand any part of the full Safety Instructions or any part of the Installation Instructions.

Link to CG Locks Installation Video

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CG Lock Occupant Stability Equipment - MSRP $63.15 Sale $50.52 USD each
CG Lock Occupant Stability Equipment - MSRP $72.63 Sale $53.05 CAD each
Sparco Seats

Sparco Seats - the perfect fit

PDM is now stocking various Sparco seats in house. From the economy minded Sparco Sprint, to the all out race Sparco Rev, Evo and Pro 2000, we have your Sparco race seat needs covered.

Sparco's Sprint seat is the entry-level race and street seat constructed with a tubular steel frame. Designed by Sparco and Pirelli Chemical Re with an internal support system Sparco and Pirelli chemical research technicians have jointly designed to help the Sprint offer unequalled support and safety at an entry level price. This internal design helps to absorb vibration and assists in inertia displacement. With Ultra high-density foam surrounding the frame of this seat, road vibration is decreased to help battle drier fatigue, allowing you to maintain focus and concentrate on driving. An excellent seat for auto-xers who know how important hand and body position is when tenths of seconds count. Seat is bottom mount with cutouts for 4 point belts.

Sparco Sprint Black 00820NR . . . . . email us
Sparco Sprint Red 00820RS . . . . . . . email us
Sparco Sprint Blue 00820AZ . . . . . . .email us

As the name implies, this seat has evolved from the Rev, developed in co-operation with top Dutch Touring Car and British Touring Car race teams, this seat has been designed with maximizing driver "free" position while still holding the driver properly. Similar in design to the Rev, this seat is built for slightly larger people, and is an extremely rigid and lightweight race shell. Stocked in Black only, (available in Red and Blue), these seats are built with removeable back and leg rest cushions which can be custom modified and or moved to suit your driving position. Seat is side mounted with cutouts for 5 and 6 point race belts. (see chart for dimensions)

Sparco Evo Black Fiberglass - email us 00853CNR

Sparco Evo Carbon Fiber 00853ZNR (not stocked )… email for price

Evo II
Same as the Evo but this seat is 1”1/4 (3 cm) wider in its inner sizes. The Evo 2 is designed for larger drivers (over 200lbs).

Available in fiberglass only and with side mounting. FIA homologated.

Sparco Evo II Black Fiberglass - email us 00853L2

Pro 2000
The Pro 2000 is one of the larger seats in Sparco's race line. This seat has won every major touring car and sports car championship in the world, and is used by all the top factory sponsored sportscar and rally teams. This seat offers excellent lateral and side support, yet remains very comfortable for street use. (PDM Racing owner Don Nimi uses this seat in all his own cars, as it gives him the most side and lateral support for his larger frame, yet is comfortable enough to be driven on the street daily) This seat is equipped with special lateral lumber supports, removeable back and leg rest cushions which can be custom modified (shaved and recovered) to suit your custom driving needs. Seat is both bottom mount and side mounted with cutouts for 5 and 6 point race belts. (see chart for dimensions)

Sparco Pro 2000 Black Fiberglass . . . email us 00862FCNR

Nagisa Low Seat Rail

Nagisa low seat rail is one of the lowest seat rails available for the 1989-1998 240SX. These rails are designed for side-mount race seats, and will fit all Bride and Sparco bucket seats that uses the "FG" seat rails. Rails bolt into the OEM seat slider mounting holes, and come with adjustable hardware to adjust for seat width and height. Can be modified to fit bottom mount seats, however seat height may suffer compared to side mount seats. We are using these rails in our STS S13 race car.

Nagisa Low Seat Rails (NSR) . . . . . MSRP $218.75 Sale $214.29 USD
Nagisa Low Seat Rails (NSRc) . . . . . MSRP $292.66 Sale $225.00 CAD

Universal Seat Track Set
Sparco Universal sliders, double locking. Fits all Sparco seats

Sparco Universal sliders . email us 00493

Dimensions Chart


Momo Hubs
To fit any Sparco steering wheel onto your Nissan 240SX or AE86, you require the use of a Momo Hub adapter

240SX Momo Hub Adapter . . MSRP $113.43 Sale $90.74 USD
240SX Momo Hub Adapter . . MSRP $130.44 Sale $95.28 CAD

Sparco Harnesses and Miscellaneous

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