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Race Logic Traction Control

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Wheel Speed Sensors

The exact method used to locate and trigger the wheel speed sensors is absolutely critical to the correct operation of the Traction Control System. There are a number of different ways to construct the pick-ups, the easiest being the bolt detection method. The TC system needs a minimum of four pulses per revolution, there is no maximum. There can be a different number of pulses from front to rear, but not between left and right across the same axle. Eg. 34 teeth at the front and 4 teeth at the rear is fine, 34 left front and 4 right front will not work.

The sensor works by detecting the presence of a ferrous trigger point. Mount the sensor at a gap of 1mm from the hub bolts / disc bolts. The head of the bolt must be flat, a cap head will cause a double trigger as it picks up each side of the head. Turn the hub slowly and check the gap never grows bigger than 1mm from any of the bolts. The sensor must be rigidly mounted so no large vibrations occur that will move the sensor head more than 0.8mm away from the reference points and the head must be at 90 to the surface. If a sensing plate / disc is used, it must not be warped or mounted at an angle that would cause the distance between the head and disc to change by more than 0.5mm. The material used for the reference must be of a ferrous type, if in doubt, check to see if it attracts a magnet. The reference can be painted or plated.

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