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Race Logic Traction Control

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Launch Control

Launch control is a function within the Traction Control system designed to automate standing starts to maximise the initial acceleration.

It is activated by pressing a button on the dashboard when the car is stationary. This will bring in a secondary rev-limit (for example 4000 rpm).

The throttle can be fully depressed without over-revving the engine. The car is put into gear, the throttle floored, and then the clutch is engaged, whilst the launch control system controls the wheelspin and revs for the perfect start.

On a turbo car, if the launch control is active, and full throttle is given for two to three seconds, the boost pressure will build up before the clutch is released, resulting in stunning off-the-line performance.

The launch control rev limit can be programmed via a laptop computer or by a combination of presses on the launch control button. This is done by pressing it once, and then once again but this time holding it in and raising the revs to the desired level, then the button is released, setting the new rev limit to this level. This makes it very easy to re-program the launching revs just before a start if conditions suddenly change.

There are various parameters you can tune if you want to get the last little bit of acceleration out of the system. You can have two switchable levels for wet and dry, the level of wheelspin at which the system swaps from Launch Control to traction Control can be adjusted, and on the professional system you can even switch to a lower limit once the car starts to move.

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