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JDM 180SX Rear Kouki Tail Light Kit

Finally PDM has stock of the much sought after Japanese 180SX rear taillights. These beautiful lights will definitely set your S13 hatchback apart from every other one on the block. Distinctive dual round taillight bulges much like the Skyline, these lights are a complete set ready for installation.

Kit includes left and right OEM new Nissan taillight sections, center plastic section, bottom metal fascia, new butyl seal and new lockset with spare keys. Drastically change the rear look of your S13 hatchback today !

!! On Sale !!

JDM 180SX Rear Kouki Tail Light Kit . . . . $525.00 USD
JDM 180SX Rear Kouki Tail Lights Kit....$654.33 CAD*

* Special cross-border duty & shipping charges applied to Canadian orders. Email us for more details

JDM 180SX Tail Lights Close up

JDM 180SX Tail Lights Close up

J-spec 180SX Twin Ring Dual LED Tail Light Kit (Hatchback)

- by

The US-spec 240SX hatchback has various names overseas. In Japan, it is called the 180SX, and in Europe it is called the 200SX. While the S13 sold world-wide for numerous years, it was eventually superceded by its successor -- the S14 chassis. But because of the car's popularity in Japan, the 180SX was re-introduced from 96-98. The late model 180SX had various improvements to the motor, chassis, and of course.. the exterior. The new round tail lights were one of the most noticeable improvements.

Here you have it, the absolute most incredible tail light you will ever find for the S13 hatchback. These lamps are extensively modified and improved in terms of looks and performance above and beyond the already unique Kouki tails.

The factory J-spec tail lamps are professionally disassembled and modified to house various different LED arrays. The internal bezels are available in various finishes: bright silver, gun-metal grey, or matte-black. The parking lamp function is now handled by dual LED rings that wrap around the two main circular chambers. The two rings consist of over 300 wide-angle high-intensity LEDs which also vary in brightness. In parking lamp mode, the rings have a crisp glow that illuminates both chambers. When the brakes are applied, the rings increase in brightness in conjunction with the main center clusters. Each tail light consists of approximately 400 very bright and highly visible LEDs. This upgrade is often referred to as the holy grail of tail lights for the S13-chassis and is said to resemble a jet engine's afterburner.

The reverse lamp center panel and lower metal garnish panel is professionally color-matched to your factory paint code. All wiring and circuitry is discretely mounted within the light assembly and then pre-wired to the factory US-spec wiring harness -- our lamps are 100% plug-and-play and require zero modification to the chassis or wiring. New sealant is included to seal the lamp assemblies to the chassis, as well as the necessary J-spec lock cylinder assembly and matching key set.


  • Once modified, they are considered "Bolt-On" and require NO fitment / wiring modifications.
  • All wires are soldered and sealed with shrink-tubing for long-term reliability.
  • LEDs are clear but emit pure monochromatic light when activated.
  • These high-intensity LEDs consume 1/10th the energy when compared to stock.

PDM is currently using a set of these unique tail lights on the widebody 240sx.

Legalities: fully street legal

JDM 180SX Rear Kouki Tail Light Kit (JDM180SXTLED). . . . $1825.00 USD*

*Special cross-border duty & shipping charges applied to Canadian orders.

Canadian Daytime Running Lights

PDM Racing's CDN DRLs     Want the look that will distinguish your 1991-1994 240SX from others around you? This is the lighting touch that others will notice. Canadian daytime running lights direct from Nissan that are low watt lights that can be wired into your parking light circuit, or be wired alone. These lights come complete with all the mounting hardware needed to replace the US "grilles" that fit below the stock bumper turn signals.
- note these are low wattage lights, and can be upgraded with moderately higher wattage bulbs, HOWEVER these are not meant to be night time auxiliary driving lights, or replacements for the factory headlights, and are plastic lenses and housings, that cannot take regular 55 watt bulbs.

Canadian Daytime running lights . . . . . MSRP $203.44 Sale $182.86 USD /pair
Canadian Daytime running lights . . . . . MSRP $233.95 Sale $192.00 CAD /pair

LED CDN DRLs LED Canadian Daytime Running Lights - by

    The LED Canadian DRLs fit perfectly and blend in well with the 91-94 240SX front bumper. The LED DRLs also come with mounting hardware to fasten and secure the lights to the front bumper. Each lamp is professionally retrofitted by and uses 60 high-power, high-intensity LEDs -- available in either white or amber. The LED upgrade is a huge noticeable difference in light output and intensity over the standard DRLs and on-coming traffic will know you have a very unique set of lamps.

Lamps are available in bright silver, gun-metal grey, or matte-black paint finish.

LED Canadian Daytime running lights (CDN-DRL-LED). . . . . MSRP $537.50 Sale $430.00 USD/pair
LED Canadian Daytime running lights (CDN-DRL-LEDc). . . . . MSRP $618.13 Sale $451.50 CAD/pair

ALSO Available Are PIAA

PIAA BulbsPIAA Bulbs

PIAA Racing

PIAA Corporation has been designing and manufacturing high quality halogen bulbs for nearly a half-century. Quality begins with the design. PIAA scientifically engineers bulbs to exacting specifications utilizing the latest in integrated computer aided technology. The quest for quality doesn’t just end there. Only the highest-grade materials are selected for use in products and to ensure your complete satisfaction every PIAA bulb is 100% tested at each step in the manufacturing process. Absolutely nothing is left to chance. PDM Racing is proud to offer you a wide range of PIAA bulbs you can use with pride and confidence! We have personally been using and racing with PIAA bulbs in our fleet of cars for over 7 years.


• High quality heat resistant glass tube
• Welded focus ring that assures proper positioning
• Provides brighter light from less amps
• A one piece filament support allows proper support and positioning
• A metal bond holds the glass tube securely, preventing cracks and leaks

Kelvin: Color temperature is a unit of measure for the color of light – it is not necessarily related to the heat of the light source. A higher color temperature represents a color closer to actual sunlight.

PIAA Kelvin Scale


1. An H4 bulb is also referred to as a 9003 or an HB2.
2. A 9004 bulb is also referred to as an HB1.
3. A 9005 bulb is also referred to as an HB3.
4. A 9006 bulb is also referred to as an HB4.
5. A 9007 bulb is also referred to as an HB5.
6. H.I.D. bulbs are referred to as 9500, D2R, and D2S.
7. H1, H2, H3, and H7 bulbs are usually referred to as such.

PIAA 9000 Series Bulbs PIAA H4 Bulbs
PIAA H7 Bulbs PIAA H1 Bulbs
PIAA H3 Bulbs PIAA Miniature Bulbs