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Techtom V-Logger

Superimpose engine data to a video monitor!
The best product for driving technique analysis!
New product from TECHTOM.
V Logger displays engine data to video screen.
By simply plugging in V logger to the diagnostic connector, CCD camera and VCR, you can record your driving along with engine condition superimposed onto the screen.

Click to view demo video!

Display item :

  • Engine speed (rpm)
  • Speed (km/h)
  • Water temp (degree C)
  • Ignition timing (degree)
  • Injector duty(%)
  • Air flow sensor voltage (V)
  • TPS voltage (V)
  • Intake temp (degree C)
  • Option item (analog voltage input)


  • Operation Voltage: DC 11-15V
  • Power consumption: 300mA MAX
  • Temperature range: 0 degree C - 50 degrees C
  • VIDEO IN : Composite video signal (NTSC)*
  • VIDEO OUT : Composite video signal (NTSC)*
  • Analog input terminal voltage: 0-5V
  • Dimension:
  • Main Unit W120 X H35 X D100 (mm)
  • Controller Unit W27 X H19 X D86 (mm)
  • *V LOGGER is currently available in NTSC format


  • This product works with stock ECU and designated diagnostic port only.
  • Can not be used along with MDM-100 or CMX-100 at same time.
  • V LOGGER does not come with CCD camera.
  • VCR is required for recording.
Techtom V-Logger . . . . . $500.00 USD
Techtom V-Logger . . . . . $540.00 CAD


Techtom V-Logger
Close up

Techtom V-Logger
Close up
Techtom V-Logger
Close up

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