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Display Module


The iMFD DM-200 is a 60mm (2 3/8") universal gauge designed specifically to display a wide variety of automotive information far superior to that of a standard automotive gauge. The DM-200 can display up to 4 different sensors simultaneously and can be connected in a daisy-chain with up to 32 sensor modules and 32 other display modules.


  • Displays up to 50+ sensors
  • Compatible with all obd2 protocols
  • Plug and play to 1996+ vehicles and up
  • Multiple gauge styles (gauge, numeric, plot, 4 param, custom)
  • Peak and hold (4 parameters, high and low)
  • Intelligent warning (4 parameter comparison)
  • Custom gauge design
  • 4 button remote
  • Daisy chain topology
  • Custom wallpaper upload
  • Automatic sensor detection
  • Extruded aluminum construction

STANDARD GAUGES: Unlike other automotive displays on the market where the user has no choice but to view data presented only in one form, the DM-200 has the capability of displaying data in multiple forms. As seen above in the state diagram, each parameter can be viewed in a gauge style, a numeric style, a plot style, and simultaneously in the 4 parameter style. Each style offers its unique advantages.

The plot style is a unique feature in automotive displays. Now data can be viewed as a trend, instead of just it's instantaneous value. This gives the user quicker access to information without the use of a data logger.

Some additional user customizations are also available in the standard gauges. Colors can be customized, and background wallpapers of your choice can be uploaded from the PC making each gauge unique to your own taste.

CUSTOM GAUGE: The custom gauge design is one of the many unique features found on the DM-200. In state 1-4, (seen above) the user has the absolute freedom to design your own gauge on the PC and upload it to the DM-200 via USB. You will have full control over every pixel, every pixel color and every displayed frame. It's only up to your imagination what you want to design and display to represent your automotive sensor data. You may also visit the Custom Gauge Library where you can download already made custom gauges.

PEAK AND HOLD: The user can set the DM-200 to remember both high or low values for each parameter. Peak values can be viewed in state 2-3 and can be reset on command at any time.

INTEGRATED WARNING: 1-4 parameters can be setup to trigger a warning condition. When a warning is triggered, the parameter's value will be displayed on the screen giving the user immediate information. Multiple warning schemes are available. This feature can prove to be extremely vital in monitoring the health of your vehicle.

TECHNOLOGY: The DM-200 employs several new technological breakthroughs in digital design. At the core of this technology is a 32 bit CPU coupled with a PLX designed GPU (graphics processor unit). Just has high end video graphic cards are designed for PC games, the PLX GPU was designed specifically for automotive display applications, making the OLED color display possible at an affordable price. Ram, flash and USB technologies are also incorporated.

DM-200 PC Software: The DM-200 includes PC software called DM-100/200 Utility. This allows you to upload wallpapers, custom gauges and update the sensor table on your DM-200.


  • DM-100 Module
  • HDD-200 60mm OLED Display
  • 6ft 4 button remote
  • 4ft power wire with 2.1mm connector
  • 1ft Serial Cable
  • 6ft USB Cable
  • CD includes User Guide, DM-100 Programmer, USB Device Driver
  • Quick Start Guide

DM-200 Universal Gauge (DM-200-OBDII)..... $399.00 USD
DM-200 Universal Gauge (DM-200-OBDIIc)..... $456.78 CAD

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