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PDM Racing Billet Camshafts


PDM Racing and Colt Cams are extremely proud to announce our new Billet Camshaft program that we have been working on now for many months. Finally PDM is able to offer our DOHC Nissan KADE and Toyota 4AG cams in billet form. No more core charges, and now our grind profiles have been extended.

PDM Racing searched the world for a manufacturer that could cast a very high quality cold-chill cast cam blank for our use, and we were able to source that manufacturer. Teamed with Geoff Bardal of Colt Cams ( we were able to develop and manufacture our own super high quality billet cams for the Nissan 240SX DOHC and the Toyota MR2 and Corolla 4AG.

Now PDM Racing is able to sell complete billet cams fully ground to spec without the need to pay the core charge or send your stock cams to us. If you ever sell your car or wish to go back to stock, you still keep your stock cams that can be easily re-installed at any time.

Plus now using the stock base circles, you no longer should require cam shims to space up your new cams. These cams are now simple plug and play installations with huge performance gains.

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All Billet cams are OEM Spec cold chilled cast billet units that are ground in 3 stages to the final specs on Colt Cams Van-Norman/Berko machines (known in the industry as superior cam grinding machines). All cams are rough cut, checked and restraightened (if necessary), then medium cut to within 3 thousandths, checked and then final cut to within 1 thousandths prior to final prep and parkerizing. Parkerizing is the final step that some big name cam companies will not even offer, and a crucial step to help break the cam in (a heated acid bath that microscopically etches the metal surface and adds a very thin layer of graphite coating which allows the cam lube to hang onto and penetrate into the cam surface during cam break in).

click to enlarge picAttention to detail is what Colt Cams are about, and all our cams offered are machine radius cut on each and every cam journal lobe. Something NO other cam manufacturer will do, as this is a very painstaking, time consuming task, but something we feel is extremely important in making sure that the sharp edges of a ground cam are properly edge beveled to ensure that pieces of the sharp cam do not fall off into your valvetrain, risking damage to your motor. Ask any other cam company if their cams are radius cut.

With months of research, testing and dyno time, PDM Racing has is now able to offer to our customers the finest in Nissan DOHC and Toyota 4AG camshafts.

NEW - Tri-Flow Cams

Flow Technology

The most common problems encountered when performance camshafts are installed are the loss of bottom end torque, poor idle quality and computer problems.

This phenomenon has been more and more prevalent with high-revving, multi-valve engines. When two valves open at the same time, there is twice as much room for the air to move through. Picture a vacuum hose that has a diameter of say 1". It could quite easily suck up marbles or small rocks. If that same vacuum was hooked up to a vacuum hose of say 5" diameters, what could it pick up? Maybe a feather, but the marbles and small rocks are totally out of the question. An engine works the same way!

When an engine is optimized for HIGH-RPM power, the LOW-RPM power will unfortunately have to be sacrificed... or will it?

What if someone could make a performance camshaft that could make better power at HIGH-RPM with a minimum low - rpm torque loss, without the use of a variable lift cam system? Colt Cams has managed to do just this for virtually ANY multi-valve engine. By staggering the opening times of the two intake lobes, they have created a swirl in the system. The principle behind this design is to open the intake valves progressively. Opening one valve first allows the fuel to travel across the chamber at a greater velocity due to the smaller venturi action, it then helps pull in the second charge at a faster rate.

This gives the equivalent to the secondaries opening up in a carburetor. In turn, with the larger cam, the engine has better vacuum at idle since there is less overlap, throttle response is greatly increased, and turbocharged vehicles have noticed less lag and faster spool up time. Geoff's theories on the "Tri-flow" have been proven time and time again, on many different engines. The testing has proven the theory, and now it is time to let the world see the results.


PDM now offers our Nissan DOHC KA24DE cams that are PROVEN performers in billet form. With months of street, track and dyno testing, these cams are definate performance enhancers for the DOHC KA motor. Geoff Bardal, the master of performance cams with over 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience from Colt Cams, has done exhaustive cam profiling and grinding and has "cracked" the magic Nissan formula for DOHC KA cam profiles. Now PDM Racing offers our Stage II street cam for the 1991-1998 Nissan KA24DE.

S13 and S14 Nissan owners are well aware that their motors have lots of bottom end grunt and torque, but fall flat after 5500 rpm. This is due to the very mild and timid cam profiles that Nissan engineers put into the stock cams. True, the 1991 cams are the best of ALL the DOHC cams produced by Nissan, however our Stage II cams are TRULY 2 stages hotter than even the 1991 cams!! Dyno tested to make upper end hp, with moderate loss of lower end horsepower and torque, these cams have even passed strict B.C. Government Aircare emissions testing!

PDM Stage II DOHC Cams - Very strong performance oriented street cam with smooth idle (we have redesigned the stock Nissan cam ramp to make the transition very silky smooth), good mid range, and excellent upper end hp to redline. With cold air intakes, exhaust and headers, these cams let your DOHC KA BOUNCE off the rev limiter hard !! A very strong performance enhancer to your motor.

DOHC Before Cams Dyno Sheet (intake, pulley, header, and tuning)
DOHC Stage II Cams Dyno Sheet (intake, pulley, header, and tuning)



STOCK 91 Cams - Intake - 207 degrees duration @.050”, .350 lift; Exhaust 215 duration @.050”, .367 lift.

C.702.S Stage II Cams - Intake 221 duration @.050” .379 lift; (272 advertised duration), .380 lift; Exhaust 231 duration @ .050" lift, (278 advertised duration), .390 lift.
These cams are VERY streetable, with no injector or computer upgrades required, and pass the strictest emissions with proper tuning.

MSRP $890.00 - Sale $709.52 USD/ set
MSRP $890.00 - Sale $745.00 CAD/ set

PDM Stage II DOHC Turbo Cams – Now PDM offers a performance Turbo grind for those turboing your KA motor. Excellent profile for turbocharged KA street motor. These cams have higher lifts and durations with smooth idle good mid range, and wild upper end hp to redline. For those that want more from your torquey turbo KA. Good for hybrid T3/T4 turbos with boost levels up to 15-18 psi. Exhaust cams have been optimized and ground to help spool up the turbo faster, and reduce lag.

C.702.T STAGE II DOHC Turbo Cams – Intake 221 duration @.050”, .380 lift Exhaust 221 duration @.050” .380 lift

MSRP $890.00 - Sale $709.52 USD/ set
MSRP $890.00 - Sale $745.00 CAD/ set


With years of experience of grinding DOHC Nissan cams, PDM was able to enlist the expertise of Cam Guru Geoff Bardal himself to help PDM Racing profile, design and produce our newly released Toyota 4AG cams for the stout little 1600 cc motor. After testing and checking our competition’s cams, we were able to see similarities amongst many of today’s high performance import cams, and were able to take that knowledge to produce our first stunning camshaft profile for the Toyota 4AG. We were very excited when we took on this project as PDM Racing was developing and building our own Toyota Corolla AE86 for race use. We wanted to maximize our DOHC Cam development and help to offer a true North American based cam alternative that would help to boost both the NA Corolla and the supercharged MR2.

Well, to our absolute astonishment, our first crack at this project has netted results beyond belief. Starting with our own cold chilled cast billet blanks, Colt Cams is able to grind profiles that no other manufacturer offers, fully optimized with the proper cam timing already ground into the cam. What does that mean? It means you don’t need to purchase expensive cam gears to advance or retard the cams for optimum performance. We have already done that for you! Time on the dyno, tuning and moving the cams around, we found the highest performance gains on these cams and we grind that cam timing into the cams. No other North American Cam manufacturer is able to offer this, and this is one more service that PDM and Colt Cams is able to offer.

Tested on what we felt was an average street driven AE86, with air filter, headers and exhaust, adding these cams netted an astonishing 24.5 REAR WHEEL HP !!! That is a 27% increase in hp over the baseline – huge gains for a naturally aspirated, daily street driven Corolla.

With the same super high quality cam grinding process as with all of our cams; these cold chilled cores are ground in 3 stages, parkerized and radius cut for THE highest quality billet camshafts manufactured in North America.

Baseline Dyno Run (2.25" exhaust, TRD header, air filter)
PDM 261 4AG Dyno Run (2.25" exhaust, TRD header, air filter, optimized cams)

*both dyno runs are on the same graph*

Stock Toyota DOHC 4AG Specs: (all 4AG cams are single pattern, meaning intake and exhaust run the same profiles)

Stock AE86 4AG Cams: Intake/Exhaust - 204 degrees duration @ .050”, .295 lift.
Stock 4AG Supercharged Cams: Intake/Exhaust - 200 degrees duration @.050”, .293 lift.

PDM C.709.S Toyota Stage II 261 Street Cams: Intake/Exhaust - 223 duration @.050”, .326 lift.

MSRP $890.00 Sale $709.52 USD
MSRP $890.00 Sale $745.00 CAD



PDM Racing and Colt Cams are pleased to announce 4 different versions of the popular KA24E single overhead cam, that is popular in the 1989 and 1990 Nissan 240SX, and many of their hardbody pickup trucks.

Stock Cams: Intake 251 degrees duration, .415 lift; Exhaust 258 degrees duration, .415 lift.

C.406 - mild performance upgrade, that wakes up any stock engine with good emissions results, and good in automatics. {Intake 260 degrees duration, .424 valve lift, Exhaust 268 degrees duration, .441 valve lift.}

MSRP $328.00 Sale $254.76 USD + $250 core charge
MSRP $328.00 Sale $280.00 CAD + $250 core charge
C404.H - Strong performer, with good midrange pull to redline. O.K. with automatics. Our strongest seller with the most smiles! {Intake 268 degrees duration, .441 valve list, Exhaust 272 degrees duration, .447 valve lift.} (note: requires cam towers to be milled .025")

MSRP $445.00 Sale $351.90 USD + $250 core charge
MSRP $445.00 Sale $382.00 CAD + $250 core charge
C.404.HTurbo - Turbo profile for the 12 valve KA. Same strong performance as our naturally aspirated C404 cam, but designed with less overlap to ease with the exhaust valves on a turbo motor. Very good good midrange pull to redline. Intake 268 degrees duration, .441 valve list, Exhaust 272 degrees duration, .447 valve lift.} (note: requires cam towers to be milled .025")

MSRP $455.00 Sale $364.29 USD + $250 core charge
MSRP $455.00 Sale $395.00 CAD + $250 core charge

C.411.H - Full race - not very streetable, and requires stiffer valve springs, computer re-programming and possible injector and fuel pump upgrades. Not a bolt-in cam, and not recommended for street use. {Intake 300 degrees duration, .506 valve lift, Exhaust .300 degrees duration, .506 valve lift. (note: requires cam towers to be milled .060")

MSRP $555.00 Sale $438.57 USD + $250 core charge
MSRP $555.00 Sale $473.00 CAD + $250 core charge


1.   All SOHC cams are regrinds, and your stock cores are required to process, OR PDM has limited supplies of SOHC cores to supply (contact PDM to see if we currently stock your year of cam). Core charges are $250 US PER cam, and will be billed to the sale, and refunded once your stock cores are shipped and received in good working condition.

2.   If you prefer not to pay the SOHC core charge, Colt Cams can turn around your stock cam within 2-3 days, and we can return ship your cams priority shipment.

3.  Some SOHC cams require cam towers to be milled to compensate for the smaller base circle. PDM does not do machine work, and you will have to find a machinist in your area that is capable of doing simple mill work.

4.   We can do Altima and Truck cams, however we do not stock any truck cores. Please contact PDM or Colt Cams direct about these cams.

5.   PDM or Colt Cams are not responsible for emissions failures, due to the inconsistancies of each engine's mechanical state, and local area emissions standards.

6.   PDM is not responsible for cams damaged in transit.... we do package them correctly, however please pay for insurance on your shipment. Cores shipped back and damaged will not be refunded, so proper packaging and insurance is vital to ensure minimal loss.