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Brake Package Special!

Brake Pads

Nissan Performance Brake Pads

Carbon Pads from KVR are the easiest upgrade for your braking system. High Performance pads can also prevent premature rotor warping problems often assosciated with 'lifetime warranty' store brands.
Brake Pads

300ZX Brake Rebuild

300ZX Brake Conversion

Includes all you need to rebuild/replace on your Z32 300ZX Brake Calipers.

PDM 300ZX Rebuild Components 240SX

Brake Rotors

Power Slot's exclusive Vac-U-Slots are machined into the rotor and help evacuate gasses and dust, shed heat, and keep the brake pad surface clean. Slotted with vents, these rotors improve your 240SX's braking and looks in all conditions.
Brake Rotors

Brake Lines

Brake Lines

PDM Racing Brake Stop DOT Custom steel braided brakelines manufactured by PDM Racing to complete your brake upgrade. Custom DOT Approved 300ZX to 240SX front brake line conversion kits available here.
Brake Lines and Parts

Motul Brake Fluid

Motul Brake Fluid

Motul is the specialist in high-tech lubricants; Motul has been developing the World's best high quality synthetic lubricants since the 1960's. Infamous with Motorsports worldwide, PDM is now pleased to announce we stock and sell.
Motul's entire line of lubricants.

StopTech Big Brake Kits

Finally PDM is offering a superior replacement to our 300ZX Big Brake Package that FAR exceeds the braking capacity of a 300ZX setup.

StopTech 240SX Big Brake Kits are engineered and tested by StopTech to give you the shortest stopping distance with huge beefy 332mm x 32mm (13" x 1.25" thick) front Aerorotors which offer the best airflow and cooling, which give superior braking, with longer pad and rotor life.

StopTech's Big Brake Kits for S13 and S14.

CS Brake Master Cylinder Stopper

  • Circuit Sports brake master cylinder stopper
  • CNC aluminum finish, adjustable
  • Will work for all SR20DET motor swap and KA motor (WITHOUT the AIV)
  • KA motor with emission AIV box still retained will need modification moving the box aside to clear the stopper
Circuit Sports Brake Master Cylinder Stopper (BCS-0013-AT) MSRP $75.00 Sale $50.00 USD
Circuit Sports Brake Master Cylinder Stopper (BCS-0013-ATc) MSRP $75.00 Sale $55.65 CAD

Russell Speed Bleeders

Everyone knows that one of the most difficult parts of any brake job is finding someone willing to help you bleed the brakes. Russell Speed Bleeders can change that forever. The computer engineered and wound spring controls the movement of the centerless ground 410 stainless steel ball so that air and moisture are unable to enter the system when the brake pedal is released. Translation - you no longer have to act as a human valve, opening and closing the bleeder screw between brake pedal pumps. Open the Speed Bleeder before you start pumping the brake pedal, and close after you finish pumping dirty fluid and air out of the brake system. Worth their price in the time savings alone.

3956 - Russell Speed Bleeder for all Nissans . . . . . MSRP $14.25 / Sale $10.95 USD / pair

3956 - Russell Speed Bleeder for all Nissans . . . . . MSRP $14.25 / Sale $11.50 CAD / pair

Two pairs needed to cover the front and rear brake lines. One pair will only cover half the vehicle.