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PDM Racing Installations


Front Lower Control Arm Install



1. Jack car up safely, and put jackstands underneath vehicle.

2. Remove front wheels (you may have to loosen off the lugnuts while the car is still on the ground or have someone step on the brake pedal while the front end is up in the air).


  3. Remove front lower splash guard with 10mm socket.  
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4. Remove left and right swaybar endlink nuts with 14mm socket.

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5. Remove TC Rod nuts with 17mm socket.

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6. Remove strut to spindle bolts with 17mm socket and 17mm wrench.

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7. Pull back the spindle to expose the 22mm ball joint nut.

8. Remove the cotter pin.

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9. Remove the ball joint nut with a 22mm socket.

10. The ball joint is a taper fit and requires a fair amount of force to lift the spindle from the ball joint. Use a proper ball joint tool or you can use a pickle fork and at least a 5 lb sledge hammer. Note ** If using a pickle fork, prior to whacking away, ensure you put both strut to spindle bolts back in and tighten at least one of them. Otherwise, your control arm and spindle will flop around and you will have a difficult time popping the spindle off the ball joint.

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Note: If you are intending to reuse your stock control arm, we highly do not recommend using a pickle fork, as it creates undue stress and strain on the front lower ball joint and boot. If you are just replacing the arms, then it is fine.

11. Loosen off the inner control arm bolt with a 17mm socket and 17mm wrench.
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12. Hang the spindle assembly back up to the strut or wire it to prevent brake hose damage.


13. Repeat for other side.


Front Lower Control Arm Install:

1. Lubricate the front control arm inner bolt well with anti-sieze compound along the bolt length and the threads. (we have found that over time these bolts will start to rust and have come across some so rusted and galled that we had to torch them out) Remember, 'Never Sieze' is your friend. 'Never Sieze' is your friend. (repeat this mantra 2-3 times each day when working on your car) Finallly, torque this nut to 65-80 ft/lbs.


2. Lubricate the control arm ball joint with anti-sieze and thread the nut on by hand. Torque down nut with 22mm socket.

  3. Install supplied cotter pin.    
  4. Install lower strut to spindle bolts (after lubricating with anti-sieze) and torque to 84-98 ft/lbs. (Note** If you have camber bolts, an alignment will be required!)
  5. Re-install TC Rod, making sure you lubricate front bolts and threads with anti-sieze. Torque bolts to 65-80 ft/lbs.
  6. Re-install swaybar endlinks. Make sure you do not overtighten the links and squash the rubber/urethane endlink donuts. You want it snug but not binding and compressing.
  7. Install supplied grease zirk fitting on bottom of control arm ball joint. Do not overtigten. Grease up ball joint with any good lithium or moly based grease. We at PDM Racing now grease all of our control arms before they leave our store.
  8. Re-install lower splash guard, install wheels and torque lugnuts to 75 ft/lbs (again, putting anti-sieze compound on the wheel lugs).
  9. Check all nuts and bolts for proper tightening.    
  10. Lower car and have alignment done if needed.