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'Fatboy' Feature- Part 1

PDM RACING 240SX - 'Fatboy'

This month's feature car is Don Nimi's S13 streetcar, a 1990 Nissan 240SX nicknamed "Fatboy"

Originally purchased off a friend in 2003 when he purchased it from his dealership to use the KAE motor in his Datsun Roadster - Don asked if he wanted to trade the entire car for a DOHC driveline - and the birth
of Fatboy started

Early ideas were to just use the car as a "stockish" daily driver - with minimal mods. But as time went on, and more and more parts started to pile up in the chassis - it was apparent by 2006 that this car was going to be more than just simple. (those that know Don - KNOW he can't leave a car alone for long)

The car had some minor dents and dings in the fenders and panels - so rather than fixing them up, replacement widebody front fenders and panel overfenders were added, along with a GPS bodykit and rear wangan wing. Paint and bodywork was done by Chris Jehnichen at Proline Collision, and PDM's standard super gloss black was layed down expertly by Chris at the bodyshop.

At the same time, Mike Mamos from ClearCorners.com contacted PDM about a new exciting LED Twin Dual Ring LED Kouki Tails that he had just dreamed up and designed, - so of course wanting something unique for the car, these were custom fabricated for the car.

From there, the suspension was worked on. The "usual" new Nissan rear lower control arms with Whiteline bushings, stripped and Por 15'd rear hub with 5 bolt conversion, Battle Version rear arms, and Whiteline bushings. Up front Peak Performance Chromoly 5 bolt hubs, along with new control arms with Whiteline lower control arm bushings were installed.

Whiteline adjustable front and rear swaybars went on next, then Powerslot front 300ZX 26mm rotors and rear 240SX slotted rotors with powdercoated 300ZX front calipers. Stopping power comes from Hawk HP+ pads, and Motul RBF600 race brake fluid flowing through PDM Racing Brakestop stainless brakelines. Beefy Battle Version TC Rods control front arms and caster.

(the project sat in limbo for so many months, that parts piled up, along with dust)

Front engine bay was re-sprayed a few years after the original paint job to keep with the "clean" theme.

Focus on the powerplant was next, and it was finally decided to go the SR20DET route - being the first one that Don had personally owned. (all his other 240's were KA powered up to this point)

Engine was a low mileage redtop that had been imported in a few years previous, but had not been fired over.

(picture - modified actuator rod)

Internally the engine was to remain bone stock. Bolt on performance included stainless exhaust manifold, GT2871R .64 A/R ball bearing turbo, HKS divided elbow, Greddy oil pan, Greddy pulleys, Unorthodox crank pulley, Nismo Engine and Transmission mounts.

Custom PDM stainless water and oil lines feed lubricants to the GT2871R turbo.

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