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For the aspect of suspension we replaced the 240's old blown stock shocks and stock low rate springs with Whiteline coilovers. This helped drop the ride height down and lower the center of gravity. Along with of course adding to a stiffer and more responsive car. After the coilovers came the task of changing out all the worn out stock bushings and replacing them with Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushings. Having all new bushings stiffens up the car and perform well for how hard we push it auto-crossing. Next came strut tower bars for the front and rear. And finally a set of sway bars. Upgraded the front sway bar to 27 mm and the rear to 22 mm.

Energy Suspension Bushing Kit
Strut Tower Bar
Whiteline Sway Bars


For intake we had the freedom of being able to upgrade to a cone filter and extension piping to allow for a true cold air intake; however, this was only possible if nothing was cut to provide this allowance. For our choice of cold air intake, we decided on Injen's intake and cold air extension, with a K&N filter. This set-up allowed us to make use of the hole already at the front of the engine bay for the piping, while allowing the engine to suck in cold air and breathe better.

Injen Cold Air Intake


We were free for choices on headers as long as it was C.A.R.B. exempt. The DC Sports header was perfect for our application as it fit the requirements and with the smaller diameter outlets, this allowed the engine to keeps its torque and still provide a better free flowing exhaust.

DC Sports Header


Exhaust is of free choice to what you please. We decided to use the Megan 3" Drift Spec exhaust. A good size to allow free flow of the exhaust, but not enough that it will comprise any power.

Megan Racing 3" Drift Spec Exhaust


For the ECU we are allowed to have a tuned ECU, provided we keep the same housing and connections. PDM has managed to crack the KA code and tune the engines for higher power outputs. From the ECU tune alone, we have found around 25 RWHP. Impressive for simply changing the timing and fuel maps.

On my car:

Stock ECU map with the cold air intake, header, exhaust and running 94 octane we found 145 RWHP and 166 ft/lbs Torque.

ECU tune with cold air intake, header, exhaust and running 104 octane we found 177 RWHP and 182 ft/lbs Torque.

All these numbers were found on the engine with stock internals and 250 000kms on the engine already.

Mission Friday Night Street Legal Drag Racing Results

  • June 1st 2<"B /l

    Stay tuned for:

  • 1/4 Mile Results at Mission Park Raceway's Friday Night Street Legals
  • Results from the upcoming auto-cross season
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