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RC 1/10 Scale 300ZX

    From the summer of 1995, until mid early 1997, Don decided to take a complete hiatus from the auto racing scene, literally burning out from cars, but continued his racing spirit by venturing into serious R/C car racing. During this time, he befriended several fellow R/C racers who also drove very nice street cars, and they persuaded him to come back to real cars, and help them to work on, and race their cars. 3-Rotor Rx7 Enthused by the increasingly popular high performance import racing scene, PDM Racing was re-kindled with a group of enthusiastic skilled street racers, who learned to Solo, Hillclimb, and eventually track race their street cars.

    With the advent of Internet based car clubs and car lists, PDM Racing is able to be introduced to the world wide web with the services, products, and stories we can offer to the world of car enthusiasts.

PDM Pals     1999 marks the official launch of PDM Racing Automotive, which will continue to design, build and install high performance accessories for many import and domestic cars.

Autocross Supra

    The cars of PDM Racing can be seen driving the streets of Vancouver, carving lines through the cones of an Auto-Xor on the tracks of the Pacific Northwest, on organized lapping days. Catch up with one of us, and we love to chat about our cars, or what we do. YES, we can.