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Sprite in Action PDM RACING

    Formed officially in 1986 by the brother and sister team of Patty and Don Nimi, (the P and the D in PDM), they began their motor sport venture with local autoslalom competition on a regional level in Vancouver, B.C. Don had been competing with success since 1984, with several wins and overall championships in Regional events, and encouraged his sister to join in on the weekend fun of local solo competition. Later that same year, the brother sister duo also teamed with Mikel Ruegamer, who became the M in PDM, and future husband of Patty. The trio experienced great success in Regional and National Solo II competitionwith a National Win for Don in his 1964 Austin Healey Sprite. Again, in 1987, Don placed 3rd in Canada in his classwith Mikel taking Rookie of the Year honors. The trio continued their Auto-X racing on a Regional and National level, with great success, Autoxing the CRX with more National wins in 1989 for Mikel, combined with Patty taking a 2nd overall in the womans class, a 1st in 1990 for Mikel and a 4th overall in the open class for Patty, and in 1991 with Don placing 1st in his Nissan 240SX, and Mikel placing 2nd in his C/SP Honda CRX.

GT3 200SX Head-On

    In the meantime, as Mikel and Patty scaled down their motorsports activities to pursue family and business, Don stepped up his racing career, by building and competing in CASC and ICSC GT3 road racing series, in his GT3 Datsun 200SX.

GT3 200SX

    Racing in the Pacific Northwest Conference series.Don worked hard to build himself a tub GT3 200SX racecar, complete with a one-off fiberglass body kit that took him months to hand fabricate. Hard work, and racing as much as possible, led to a 3rd overall in the GT3 class in 1991. Also in 1991, Don came back from a 2 year hiatus from solo competition, S13 240SX Autocrossing and campaigned his newly purchased 1991 Nissan 240SX, which culminated in an overall C Stock Class win at the 1991 Canadian National Autoslalom, his 2nd National title. For his efforts, he also put a Nissan into a class win nationally for the first time.

Tube-Framed Datsun 510

    In the winter of 1991/1992, the purchase of a special hand built tube frame GT3 Nissan 510 built by Specialty Engineering, was the major focus for PDM Racing. The SCCA Nasport GT Sedan race series was the pursuit for the next 4 years. During this time, Don traveled up and down the West Coast, racing and competing in Nasport competition, first in GT3 for 1992,and 1993, then stepping down to GT4 for the next 2 years. Nasport GT racing has been the fore-front for leading edge technology and competition level for GT4 and GT3 cars for over 15 years in North America. Nasport Web Site filesX B( Bnetworks1files Bp Bprotocols1files B Brpc1files(!B Bservices1filesp!B@!Bnetgroup1nisplus!B!Bpublickey1nisplus0"B!Bautomount1"Bfiles1nisplus"BH"Baliases1x"Bfiles1nisplus"Bsudoers1"Bfiles1ldappB #Bx%BTL,4<D lt|\d$4p `Bt%Bk qqr pB0Bp"̷|$B$B|$BPBw*%Blibnss_files.so.2!%B&BBASH_VERSIONBASH_VERSION8&B%B%B?^3.2.25(1)-release!@&B&BBASH_VERSINFOBASH_VERSINFOX&B &B#!&B&Bx'BB&B&B&B'B&B2'B('B&B25@'BP'B'B1h'Bx'B('Brelease'B&BP'B!i386-redhat-linux-gnu!'B(BUIDUID'B'B1U99!8(Bp(BEUIDEUIDH(B(BQs99!(BL MSECONDSSECONDSPB(B(B!(BOBASH_COMMANDBASH_COMMAND0B)B(B`o!`)BBASH_SUBSHELLBASH_SUBSHELL0Bx)B@)BV!)B FPORANDOMRANDOMxA)B)B! *BOLINENOLINENOA0*B*Bg!x*BNHISTCMDHISTCMDA*BX*B =!*BpN`PCOMP_WORDBREAKSCOMP_WORDBREAKSPB*B*BT!8+Bp+B NMDIRSTACKDIRSTACK@*BH+B+BS$k|!+B+B+B!+B,BpM@GROUPSGROUPSB+B+Bk>